Thursday, 5 April 2012

~ Girls Room ~

Tilda Cat,and a jar of fabric strawberries I made for the girls
Thought I would just show you a little bit of what Ive been up to lately.
My girls decided they would like a bit of a change in their bedroom, I had mentioned I was thinking of doing a spot of decorating.
Well !!! It didn't take long for them,to start springing forth with ideas,and asking ''can we make a mood board ???''(I wonder who's mentioned mood board's before )
Of course we took a quick look at pinterest first (Good source for Idea's)  and then then looked at what we already had,I'd kept a bag from Joules,because it was so pretty,so that was the start of deciding the colours
The girls love there new room ,but Ive yet to finish a little patchwork/quilted cushion,,Isn't that always the way ,I have made it all by hand,with new and vintage fabric,It'll fit nicely in the room ,when It,s finished???
As for the wardrobe doors,I'd seen a few wall's papered in a patchwork style with different wallpaper on pinterest ,so that was the inspiration for the built in doors ,they where just painted plain before
A great and thrifty Idea,as it didn't cost anything for our wallpaper samples

 Lovely hand drill there !! ( remove tools in future )

Also the little bird cage that's hanging from the ceiling,was a charity shop find ...It had my name on
it !!! just what I was looking for
I love the bunting ,we bought that in Whitby at Alfie loves Ava ,a lovely shop that Ive mentioned before.
The room is nearly finished,I just have to paint the pine furniture white as I think It'll look so much nicer and tadahhh the transformation will be COMPLETE and not forgetting two very happy daughter's


Saschi said...

Martha Stewart has nothing on you! You have the most awe inspiring blog of your wonderful world created by your heart and hands. If your blog was in magazine form I would buy it!!
You are a joy to the eyes of god

Liz said...

Looks great - love the colours!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

magie said...

Such pretty decorations, I love the bunting!
The patchwork quilt is really lovely as well..I like all the floral bits sewn into it.
What a sweet room :)
x Magie

Paula said...

Hello sweetie! I love the cat and strawberries you made for your girls! You did a wonderful job! Their room is so beautiful and cheerful! I love the pretty bunting and the gorgeous patchwork you are making! I love all the sweet vignettes in their room and the lovely pink clock! The bird cage is so sweet! Your girls are very blessed to have you for a mum! I know they love and appreciate what you have done! Have a very happy Easter! xo~ Paula

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Youre to to kind ,Thank you so very much for such kind words,really,really apreciate them take care Saschi ...xx Manda xx

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Thanks very much Liz xx Manda xx

Anonymous said...

Divine...who wouldnt like to call this their special room...I know my 10 year old would just move on in...

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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