Tuesday, 23 August 2011

~ Bunnies ~

These little lovelies are what Ive been working on this past week, what do you think ? so cute aren't they,the boy bunnies little dungarees are made with vintage Laura Ashley nursery rhyme fabric,  I think its so pretty and the little girlie bunnies dress is also vintage,found on my travels :) These bunnies were made with calico,but next time I think I might use Linen.Any way there's a Que forming to use my laptop,so I'd better go the daughter is asking when is it her turn !!!! tata!! for now x Manda x

~ Bargain Finds ~

Just remembered about my lovely new finds,thought I would post about them quickly as It's nearly midnight and I seem to need a bit more beauty sleep than I used to.My hubby's saying I don't ha-ha what's he after,I'm still not good with compliments,anyway back to the new crocks ,new to me if you know what I mean.I managed to find TWELVE trio's of the lovely cottage design all for a bargain price,and four trio's of a really pretty pink floral design ,what do you think ??pretty aren't they .Ive put them on a painted  wooden tray in my kitchen till I find them a permanent place.

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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