Sunday, 8 April 2012

~ Easter Weekend ~

I Hope everybody is having a great weekend, did the Easter Bunny arrive in your house today ???
I have very quite children at the moment,they re scoffing copious amounts of chocolate whilst watching Harry Potter on the telly .......we never tire of Harry.
The hubby has just finished the mountain of washing up,after our Easter lunch,we had a lovely pork roast with apple and apricot stuffing,I never buy lamb,I used to live in a small country village,and in the farmer's field at the end of our garden lived all the sheep and baby lambs,and I never got over the noises the mammy sheep made when the lamb's went to market,I'm not judging any body that likes lamb,It's just my personal thing,pigs might do the same thing ,only I never heard them .......Ohhhhh ,I'm beginning to tie myself in knot's now with my rambling.!

On Friday we took the kids to two Castles yes two!! ,we are lucky enough to live a small drive away from a number of English Heritage sites,we went to Barnard castle first and then Richmond Castle a few hrs later ,we had a fantastic day ,Richmond Castle were hosting an egg hunt,so the kids had a great time hunting around the old ruins
Now It is myyy time to just sit and relax,what do you think??,hope you are relaxing too xx


Barnard castle

View from the top of Richmond Castle

View of Richmond

Cornflake and choccy bird nest's

                                  HAPPY EASTER

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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