Saturday, 4 June 2011

~ A day at the seaside ~

A school holiday wouldn't be complete without a day at the seaside,so with that in mind  off we all trouped to the nearest train station.I'd decided to take the kids to Salt burn By The Sea  ,It is about 20 miles away from where we live and thought they would like a train ride,they being the kids and yep I was right ,as usual !!!
Mums often are you see.

Saltburn is a lovely seaside town complete with a beautiful old pier,and the oldest water balanced cliff tramway in britain.The kids enjoy going down to the pier in the tram it's a must,we always have a fab time at saltburn it has a big sweep of a beach and the kids can just run free.

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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