Saturday, 15 September 2012

~ A duck type of day ~

I am lucky enough to walk past a lovely duckpond everyday on our school run,I can't begin to tell you how much bread we've fed them over the years.

I realised when I was sat watching them,there's some little character's there 
I took some photo's of a rather bossy duck ,he was so funny chasing all of his fellow ducks away,I just had to share.

                                                XX Manda XX 

Monday, 10 September 2012

~ Cath Kidston Patchwork Cushion ~

Great to be back sewing Ive really missed it, I made this cushion all by hand,just as I was about to start zapping up this little number on my sewing machine,I zapped a little too quick over a pin and yes you guessed it my machine broke,so it's in the repair shop at the moment,deciding not to wait I got stuck into hand sewing all the squares,actually it was really relaxing sitting with the family whilst sewing,instead of being in the kitchen alone ( good old kitchen table)
I used a mix of mainly Cath Kidston fabric on the patchwork squares and a lovely red ticking stripe for the back of the cushion,I'm quite happy with the results ,so Ive got some more lovely fabric for another cushion,I can't just make one can I ??
.            .........XX Manda XX.............

Friday, 31 August 2012

~ Yard bombing ~

Earlier in the summer I visited Saltburn and I came across some more yard bombing from the fabulous ,elusive knitter's, ....Isn't there work  great ,so much detail. 
 Whilst in Saltburn,we decided to have a little drive down to Whitby,which is a little further down the coast,I'm so glad I did,I saw the most gorgeous rainbow,we just drove into Whitby and caught the end of a very heavy storm,look at the fabulous results,well worth getting wet. 


Sunday, 26 August 2012

~ Summertime ~

Wow!! It's been such a long time since I wrote a post,where do I begin??
Well here goes:
At the beginning of the summer, I needed to take some time away from  blogging because my oldest daughter was poorly,I don't really want to go into thing's too deeply but everything is fine now,sometimes life just throws these things at you and there's not a lot you can do about it.
This is one summer I won't be forgetting and not for all the good thing's that have happened ....
The Jubilee,Olympics (so fab & proud to be British)........ but for the very sudden and untimely death of a very close and dear friend.
I am sorry that my first post for months,is sad but after such a loss you must understand that I need to write truthfully.
I know that It's escapism to come to blogland and read all the loveliness of life..... but I have really learnt the hard way how to truly find joy and happiness in little things and to once in my life really really appreciate what I have....I have had to evaluate thing's these last months,and I am determined to change a lot of things,but you will have to wait and see.
 My crafting and making plans have been on hold ,so I can't wait to start creating again soon.
Thanks for coming back to my blog,I have made some lovely friends here in blogland,and it feels good to be back,so a big thank you for your comments ,I do appreciate them Xx

Anyway with four children and a busy house there is no time for hiding under a duvet,with complete honesty I did feel like doing that ....But didn't!! here are some thing's weve  been up to.....We had a gorgeous week up on the west coast of scotland,a place called Clachtoll an absolute beautiful place in the Highlands,with the most fabulous beach a total haven.
                                            XX Manda XX 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

~ I'm still here ~

I'm still here!!!! ,just a quick post ,to let you know I haven't had time to blog at the moment due to oldest lovely daughter being quite poorly .
The one thing I've learnt the last few weeks,is that health really is the most important possession you can have
Take care lovely friends

My gorgeous girl x

                                                     XX Manda XX

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I thought I would show you my homemade willow wreath,made with willow branches from my garden.
I watched a programme on the t.v last year,although I can't remember which one ( terrible memory )how to make wreaths ,welll as soon as they said willow ,I set about cutting some branches straight away.
Basically this is what I did;
 I used some wire to make the shape that I wanted,which I thought a not so large circle for my first attempt,  would be good.
So I made a circle with the wire, I USED A DINNER PLATE AS A TEMPLATE.
Made sure that the willow branches were around the same width, and then stripped of a thin layer of bark from the branches apparently the lady on the telly said this made the branches more pliable.
The next stage was just inter twining the willow in and out of the wire shape, and securing the twigs with more wire,and to keep doing this till your happy  voila !!!
Seeing as this was the first one I made,I didn't make it too big or wide but I'm so pleased how it turned out ,I cant wait to make the next one ....

What I forgot to mention the crafty lady on the telly did say that after leaving the wreath somewhere warm and dry for a few months,that you could cut off your wire frame and it should keep it's shape,this step was a worry but luckily she was right ONE LOVELY WILLOW WREATH ...keep it plain, or I chose to sew some linen hearts on to mine,what do you THINK ??
                                                                  XX  Manda XX

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

~ Bunting & Football ~

How cold and wet is it in the North East today,just the right weather to stay in and be cosy.
Unfortunately I couldn't stay in all day like I WANTED as there where children to take to school and shopping to buy,and not forgetting to support my daughters football team but I did manage to do a little bit of craftiness. 
I made this little mini bunting garland,It was so easy to make ,I have a feeling I might be making a few more of these.The bunting was made with pretty pink paper from my stash,and some garden string

Hope the weather is better were you are,as for me I'm just beginning to thaw out and dry out ,after spending two hours  on the side lines of a very cold wet school field

Of course my flowers had to match !!

My little footballer ...Well done xxxxxx
                                  XX Manda XX.

Friday, 20 April 2012

~ Suprise Award ~

I just had to tell you about the lovely suprise I had yesterday!!!
I received a really lovely E-mail from the Editor of Craft Corner's which is part of's blogging network,to say that they had come across my blog and that I was the editor's choice, how cool is that
I'd just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Banypaul Beitsayad for such a lovely award,and for the help with the button It's nice to know that there's people out there in the Blogisphere  :)  THANK YOU ,THANK YOU.
                                                             XX Manda XX

Sunday, 8 April 2012

~ Easter Weekend ~

I Hope everybody is having a great weekend, did the Easter Bunny arrive in your house today ???
I have very quite children at the moment,they re scoffing copious amounts of chocolate whilst watching Harry Potter on the telly .......we never tire of Harry.
The hubby has just finished the mountain of washing up,after our Easter lunch,we had a lovely pork roast with apple and apricot stuffing,I never buy lamb,I used to live in a small country village,and in the farmer's field at the end of our garden lived all the sheep and baby lambs,and I never got over the noises the mammy sheep made when the lamb's went to market,I'm not judging any body that likes lamb,It's just my personal thing,pigs might do the same thing ,only I never heard them .......Ohhhhh ,I'm beginning to tie myself in knot's now with my rambling.!

On Friday we took the kids to two Castles yes two!! ,we are lucky enough to live a small drive away from a number of English Heritage sites,we went to Barnard castle first and then Richmond Castle a few hrs later ,we had a fantastic day ,Richmond Castle were hosting an egg hunt,so the kids had a great time hunting around the old ruins
Now It is myyy time to just sit and relax,what do you think??,hope you are relaxing too xx


Barnard castle

View from the top of Richmond Castle

View of Richmond

Cornflake and choccy bird nest's

                                  HAPPY EASTER

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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