Friday, 20 April 2012

~ Suprise Award ~

I just had to tell you about the lovely suprise I had yesterday!!!
I received a really lovely E-mail from the Editor of Craft Corner's which is part of's blogging network,to say that they had come across my blog and that I was the editor's choice, how cool is that
I'd just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Banypaul Beitsayad for such a lovely award,and for the help with the button It's nice to know that there's people out there in the Blogisphere  :)  THANK YOU ,THANK YOU.
                                                             XX Manda XX


Natalia Glazacheva said...

Congrats to you Manda! Lovely Award!

vintage grey said...

Congratulations!! What a wonderful award!! Have a great weekend!! xo Heather

Manda said...

Thank you Natalia hope you have a lovely weekend xx Manda xx

FourHappyBunnies said...

I am a new follower of your blog but I love it too!! Congratulations - you deserve the award xx

Paula said...

Hello sweet Manda! I am so very happy for you! This is well-deserved! Have a lovely weekend! xo~Paula

Andrea said...

Hi Manda,
Well done on getting your lovely award, your lovely blog deserves it I am going to have a catch up now as I have been away from Blogland a while!!
Have a great weekend,
Andrea x

Manda said...

Thanks very much Andrea,It's lovely to see you back blogging xx

Manda said...

Thanks so very much my lovely friends your wonderful comments mean a lot,much love Manda xx

Manda said...

And you too Heather xxx Thank you

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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