Wednesday, 7 March 2012

~ Busy Days ~

Aren't daffodils  such a cheery happy flower

What a busy day,,I seem to have been running around to much lately,I'm quite used to it being hectic round here ,what else could you expect with four kids ,but I seem to be bogged down with school letters and requests for money for school trips,amongst other things.
I found myself looking at the calender,counting down to the next school holiday.
I don't usually say how I'm feeling on my blog,as this is my happy place where everything is rosey and nice and fun ,but well today I'm making an exception

Ive decided I need warm breezes,windows open,long walks in the countryside instead...... icy winds ,windows tightly shut and a quick run round the park is just not cutting it for me .How do you feel ? ( northern hemisphere )are we ready for them warm sunny days? I know I am,well with spring round the corner I suppose I havn't got long to wait,I think the sunshine instantly makes you feel better one little moan over with,I have verrry much to be thankful for I know but heyy I'm only human  ...... 

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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