Wednesday, 14 September 2011

~ Crunching Leaves,Conkers,Crumble ~

What a really lovely day It's been  today,compared to the past couple of days of rain and yes that awful wind.I think most people in England seem to have had a taste of it,the only good thing about the wind.was the amount of conkers that had being blown out the tree's the kids loved collecting them .... I don't mind a bit of wind now and again (the weather kind and nothing else,I can here that snicker ,just clarifying that sentence).

This morning on our walk to school,when I say walk there was only me walking well sort of half  walking / running trying to keep up with the kids on bikes and scooters,the sun was shining brightly through the trees and the leaves just felt so good as I was crunching my way up the road, ....I decided  that I really Love this time of year ,I was still in this kind of embracing Autumn and all that this month brings type of mood ,when I decided to do a spot of baking.And make a bramble and apple crumble yum ,yum,

I'd already had the ingredients,I didn't pick the brambles,I cheated and bought them from the fruit and veg shop in the village and the apples,I must admit if I could bottle the smell when It was cooking I would..... When the kids came home from school, they couldn't wait to get stuck into there ''afters'' and it didn't last long at all.I think I will be making a few more things and taking advantage of what fruit & veg is available, DIET is a taboo word this month.
Conkers......My daughter took this photo :)

My shoes match the green leaves.


~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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