Sunday, 30 October 2011

~SpOoKy WaLk ~

The weather here in my part of the world was lovely today,perfect for  a little afternoon walk.
Now were would you go ?
When It's nearly HALLOWEEN!

Wise Old Oak

Mr Pumpkin waiting in the wings

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

~Halloween swap goodies ~

A while ago I entered an Autumn/Halloween swap at the Blueberry Heart.
I was paired with the lovely Jodi from Stuff 'n' Bits,my goodies arrived yesterday,so exciting!!!
I LOVE EVERYTHING a big THANK YOU!!! and a special thank you to Jodi's son for the wonderful card ,all the drawing's are fab!!!

Fab card
l  will be making some very spooky biscuits this Halloween thanks to the lovely Halloween cookie cutters I received .And my spooky star is already hanging up.Hope my photo's do Jodi's packages justice, I had to fight the kids from opening everything up.The were totally trying to unwrap the yankee candle when they read it was called Witches Brew
Everything was beautifully packaged in Halloween colours,loved it .

Sunday, 23 October 2011

~ 100yr Birthday Celebrations Transporter Bridge ~

Last weekend was the birthday of the Transporter Bridge It was 100yrs old,so of course there was going to be celebrations and party's.
The Bridge was opened on the 17th October 1911,by Queen Victoria's Grandson,Prince Arthur of Con naught.
It Is the furthest downstream bridge across the River Tees,It Is a transporter bridge ,carrying a travelling car or gondola,suspended from the bridge,carrying up to 200 people
One of the celebrations was a parade from the Mi ma Art Gallery to Middlesbrough College my daughter and other children took part in the parade,they had been practising drumming for weeks,the weather held off and the promise of fireworks at the end of there 1 1/2 hr march through Middlesbrough, well they didn't disappoint.
The only downside to it all was the utter confusion of picking our children up at the end of the parade,organisers were not too good at relaying instructions on where and when ,as it was dark and very busy It was worrying,but with a few frantic mobile conversations and a bit of rushing around in the dark,phew we found them ,just in time for them promised Fireworks and also the time my camera died ,Isn't it alway's the way.

I don't know the lady in the picture,just liked the lit up model bridge haha

The kiddo's waiting patiently for the parade to start .

This dosen't give the fireworks justice they were fab.

Bottle Art

Photo courtesy of the internet

Waiting to begin!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

~ Vintage Tea Afternoon ~

A lovely friend of mine Debbie (Vintage and chintz travelling tea's) is organising a Vintage tea Afternoon  of which 25% of Proceeds will go to Against Breast Cancer .
It will be held on the 3rd of December  time:12.00 -14.00at Norton Parish Hall ,Norton Green ,Norton ,Stockton On Tees
There will be also local crafts people ,displaying their lovely wares,so another reason for you local ladies to pop along,plus Debbie's cakes are fabulous!!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

~ Finished Cuties ~

Last of the cutie's Ive made this week,christening and birthday's presents for two little girl's...I'm looking forward to trying something new to make.Ive been making quite a few things from the Tilda Books lately,I just love everything about them so pretty.
I'm gunner just sit and relax tonight,or at least try,because as soon as I sit down,there's always one of my kids asking for something or the cat wanting to go out! ...but guess what I'm not going to move.
I'm on strike!!!

Talk to you soon my friends ,hopefully with recharged batteries and a spring in my step .
 X Manda X

Monday, 10 October 2011

~ Girls,Girls,Girls ~

Ive got so many things on the go at the moment,I can't seem to keep up,so I sighed with relief,when I eventually got these two girlie's finished,they took longer than I thought,but I'm happy now they are done.
One was for a friend's little girls birthday,and the other was for my friends little girl's christening.I hope they like them!
Now I can concentrate on a swap that Ive entered ,and a few Xmas gifts I have lined up and not forgetting my pay it forward gifts If anybody is interested comment on my last post.
Is everyone else busy ,what projects have you got on the go I'd love to know.
Ive just been looking at my newest Mollie makes magazine,there's some really pretty things I'd love to make,I'm thinking about making this pretty pinny,for a friend who loves baking,Ive got some lovely vintage tablecloths in my stash just waiting for this,I just might get it made for Xmas.:)

Hope everybody has had a good Monday ,Bye for the now
X Manda X

Molly Makes Magazine

Fabby Pinny !

Friday, 7 October 2011

~ Pay It Forward ~

I'm Still new to blogging,so with this in mind I'm joining in swaps and giveaway's and this my first Pay It forward Giveaway,I received some gorgeous gifts from so here are the rules for any newbies like me,Hope you join in  :

I need to find 3 Bloggers,who would like a handmade pressie from me.
You have to have a blog
I will make 3 handmade pressies to 3 Blog owner's,who comment on this post,It will be a total suprise,and I have a year to make it (HOPEFULLY A LOT SOONER THAN THAT )
To play along,you have to make 3 handmade pressies,to 3 readers of YOUR Blog
Once you comment here you need to post about your pay it forward on your Blog,and include the pay it forward badge in your post.
Follow my Blog  (thank you )
Thank you ,I look forward to hearing from you xx Manda xx
Closing date 20th October

~Surprise from the postman ~

What a fab morning Ive had ,all thanks to Mr Postman bringing my Beautiful Bag pay it forward  giveaway,that I won!! yeah!!! (I never ever win anything )
From the lovely Karen at KarensKrafts,I have to say a BIG Thank you,your bag is so well made and pretty,and not only was there a lovely bag ,but another goo-die on my bag (crotched flower) and inside
my bag too( tissue case )
I so wish I could crochet..But in the mean time I'll drool over your pretty crotched flower
The pretty tissue case  was inside my bag and was a nice suprise,It Is also made by Karens fair hands, I'll never be without tissues now .Thank you Karen soo much
  P.S pop on over to karens blog 
htpp://                                                                 xx Manda xx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

~ New Website ~

I've just made a little website for the things I make,here it is. I would be grateful if you let me know what you think,...Thank you xx Manda xx

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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