Monday, 10 October 2011

~ Girls,Girls,Girls ~

Ive got so many things on the go at the moment,I can't seem to keep up,so I sighed with relief,when I eventually got these two girlie's finished,they took longer than I thought,but I'm happy now they are done.
One was for a friend's little girls birthday,and the other was for my friends little girl's christening.I hope they like them!
Now I can concentrate on a swap that Ive entered ,and a few Xmas gifts I have lined up and not forgetting my pay it forward gifts If anybody is interested comment on my last post.
Is everyone else busy ,what projects have you got on the go I'd love to know.
Ive just been looking at my newest Mollie makes magazine,there's some really pretty things I'd love to make,I'm thinking about making this pretty pinny,for a friend who loves baking,Ive got some lovely vintage tablecloths in my stash just waiting for this,I just might get it made for Xmas.:)

Hope everybody has had a good Monday ,Bye for the now
X Manda X

Molly Makes Magazine

Fabby Pinny !

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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