Sunday, 25 March 2012

~ Knitting Grafitti ~

We decided to have a little visit to Saltburn ,a nice walk by the sea when the sun 's shining ,there's nothing like it. 
We always have a walk down the pier,but today was different because someone?????  had been very busy ,apparently all this lovely knitting appeared overnight.
It is a 50m Scarf that has been sewn onto the rail.As you can see It's all about the Olympics,all the figures are of an Olympic sport.There's such a lot of work gone into everything.,It's really great that somebody has done all this knitting for fun,the secret knitter remains a mystery,who ever It is they're a very talented knitter.......That definitely rules me out !!! :) 

Courtesy of you tube

XX Manda  XX


Polly Dolly said...

Saltburn looks lovely with the sun shining, I miss it. You visit all of my fave places. As a kid we walked to Saltburn everyday in the summer through the woods ( by the Victorian gardens). That is pretty crazy and amazing what this mysterious person has done xx

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Hello, Manda! I`m so glad being back and visit again my dear friends :o)
It looks fantastic! What a great display! Well done to the secret maker :o)
Have a very sweet and crafty week

Paula said...

Hi sweet Manda! This is fantastic!!! They certainly are a gifted knitter! How lovely of them to do something so pretty and fun for everyone to enjoy! Their work is really amazing! I am glad you enjoyed a nice walk by the sea. It is gorgeous there! xo~ Paula

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Lovely to hear from you too Natalia,thanks for all your gorgeous comments xxx Hope you have a crafty week too ,xx Manda xx.

magie said...

What a sweet surprise, thanks for sharing the photo's and the video..someone was sure busy knitting away (just amazing)!

driftwood said...

oh wow, that knitting looks fantastic, love it! I wonder how long it will be there for? would love to go and see x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow thats awesome. Better knitter than me too. Just popped by to say thanks for your comment on the tutorial and found your fab post.
Jenny x

Jen said...

Would you believe `i'm off to see this guerilla knitting tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by my blog - welcome! x

sweetfleece said...

The lengths some folk will go too. Amazing. I remember not long ago, walking to the local supermarket seeing 'rainbow' ribbons and dream-catchers hung through the trees...what a shame I didnt have my camera !

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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