Monday, 10 September 2012

~ Cath Kidston Patchwork Cushion ~

Great to be back sewing Ive really missed it, I made this cushion all by hand,just as I was about to start zapping up this little number on my sewing machine,I zapped a little too quick over a pin and yes you guessed it my machine broke,so it's in the repair shop at the moment,deciding not to wait I got stuck into hand sewing all the squares,actually it was really relaxing sitting with the family whilst sewing,instead of being in the kitchen alone ( good old kitchen table)
I used a mix of mainly Cath Kidston fabric on the patchwork squares and a lovely red ticking stripe for the back of the cushion,I'm quite happy with the results ,so Ive got some more lovely fabric for another cushion,I can't just make one can I ??
.            .........XX Manda XX.............


Loretta said...

Very nice Manda...nice sewing!

Alix said...

Sweet! I admire your patience in stitching it by hand - I'd have done two seams and given up! Hope your machine is soon back from the repair shop - pesky pins!

vintage grey said...

So sweet, and all love all the cute fabrics!! Happy creating! xo Heather

greenthumb said...

Hi just found your lovely blog, your cushion is very cute.

~This so applies to me ~

~This so applies to me ~

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